I love the colours in this chenille stitch rope, but I am not really happy with the pendant. At first I thought it was a brilliant idea to use netting to embellish the bezel as it echoed the pattern of the chenille stitch. But I have realised that the netting stitches are too crowded so the beads don’t sit correctly all the way round. Fortunately I designed the clasp and bail in such a way that I can remove the pendant easily as I wanted to be able to wear the rope on its own as well. If I can get another soft touch cabochon in this colour I will have another attempt at the pendant, but until then I will keep this one rather than undoing it so I can compare them.


I have made quite a few bangles and bracelets with tubular chenille stitch, and used it as a rope for necklaces, but have only just come across the idea of flat chenille stitch. The instructions I used were by Jean Cox on the Interweave website – thank-you Jean! This was just an experiment, but I was pleased with the result, so finished it off as a bracelet by adding a bezelled 8mm chaton¬†as a button for a clasp. (The button does not look quite right in the pictures because of the angle of the camera but it is in fact central on the bracelet.) A simple loop of beads at the other end goes round the button. I also added some edging beads as I don’t like to see the thread along the edges.

flatchenille1 flatchenille2 flatchenille3 flatchenille4

So many new bead shapes to try! My first experiments with arcos and minos par puca beads produced these simple but elegant bracelets and a matching pendant.The crystal AB size 15s seem to have picked up the colour of the blue beads, but it is just that I used blue (denim) KO thread! I can see that there are lots of possibilities for using these beads and I need to experiment with them a lot more.

arcosbracelet arcospendant

pebblebeachcuffThis is my pebble beach cuff – I find random difficult, but have tried really hard to mix the colours genuinely randomly. This is a mix of size 8 seed beads and drops – mainly from the Miyuki golden grains mixes, but with a few extra colours added. I worked the cuff in two needle odd count peyote, then worked an edging in delicas along the top and bottom. I love the bumpy texture of this.