chenille stitch

A new red and gold iris pendant inspired by Anglo Saxon Jewellery (see also the altered book post below), with some brooches made some time ago. The other images show a selection of bangles and bracelets, and a few necklaces.


I love the colours in this chenille stitch rope, but I am not really happy with the pendant. At first I thought it was a brilliant idea to use netting to embellish the bezel as it echoed the pattern of the chenille stitch. But I have realised that the netting stitches are too crowded so the beads don’t sit correctly all the way round. Fortunately I designed the clasp and bail in such a way that I can remove the pendant easily as I wanted to be able to wear the rope on its own as well. If I can get another soft touch cabochon in this colour I will have another attempt at the pendant, but until then I will keep this one rather than undoing it so I can compare them.

chenillestitchbanglesI have made chenille stitch bracelets and necklaces before, but not been happy about the ladder stitch start which is usually used to start the stitch. I wanted to make some bangles, but knew that the ladder stitch start wouldn’t allow an invisible join, so worked out a different way of starting, which allowed me to join the two ends with a chenille stitch thread path. I think there might be some more to join the collection soon!