A new red and gold iris pendant inspired by Anglo Saxon Jewellery (see also the altered book post below), with some brooches made some time ago. The other images show a selection of bangles and bracelets, and a few necklaces.


One reason why this blog had been sadly neglected was that I was challenged by a friend to alter a book, and that took a lot of research and experimenting. The book was a scholarly tome about Anglo-Saxon England in the 9th and 10th century. Of course I had to include some Anglo-Saxon jewellery – inspired by the article in The Beadworkers Guild Journal July 2017 on the Staffordshire hoard. The jewellery is in a niche formed by glueing the back section of pages of the book together and cutting the niche into the block. I decorated the front cover of the book with copper shim embossed with Celtic type patterns and Celtic patterned buttons, plus a rubbing of King Alfred taken from an embossed image on the original front cover of the book. The book is in an exhibition of altered books, organised by Sparks Artists, at the county museum in Aylesbury, Bucks until 14th February. The museum has done a splendid job in setting up the exhibition and lighting it beautifully.

Sorry the blog has been sadly neglected for a few months. I will show some seasonal makes here and then gradually add other new work completed in the missing months.

These Christmas tree decorations were inspired by the CGB pierced arrow design. After I finished them, I realised they would make good earrings so made a slightly smaller pair as earrings – now gone to a good home.

pearltwinbletThis bracelet is made with 6mm pearls and twin beads. I spent some time working out how to complete this with a continuous threadpath rather than making each element separately and then joining them – I hate having loads of thread ends to work in! I am trying to adapt the pattern to make a matching necklace.


I love these Miyuki silver-lined blue zircon beads. The combination of the size 11 and delica beads with crystal AB delicas and size 15s and a denim blue Swarovski rivoli gave me a new interwoven rivoli star. I gave it a warped square bail and hung it from a Russian spiral rope, the first time I have put one of these stars on a proper necklace – the others have all been just pendants or brooches (see here ). This will be in my display for Bucks Open Studios 11th – 26th June.


whiteyellowrickrackflower2Bucks Open Studios (see here) is from June 11th to June 26th (sorry, put 27th here by mistake earlier!) this year and I have been getting ready for it, making a new flower brooch. Although this looks similar to the white/blue flower pendant (see here) it is made using a different technique. The same stitch, but instead of the modified Russian leaf for each petal, I made a rick-rack or zigzag then gathered the centre together and added the yellow drops.