Chevron chain

A simple chevron chain choker length necklace in blue and matt crystal AB. 


I have been experimenting with pinch beads, and love the colour of these ones – they are slightly less blue and more green than the picture shows. The focal is a soft touch cabochon with a netted bezel incorporating pinch beads and the necklace is chevron chain.The clasp is a triangle weave pinch bead button that fits into a beaded loop.

I made a pair of these earrings for a friend a few years ago, and she recently confessed to losing one and asked if I could make her another. I made a new pair as the earwires I had used were no longer available, and posted them off to her without thinking to take a photo. However, this is a photo of the remaining earring of the original pair, and I think I will make more of these in other colours as well as in this colourway.

P1050528These earrings were designed to go with the necklace shown here. I don’t think I have shown this on this blog as it was made sometime before I started the blog – one of my earliest designs. The flower is a combination of brick stitch, fringe and netting, and the necklace is chevron chain.


I developed this simple brick stitch and fringe starburst design several years ago, but have recently worked out a better method of attaching it to the chevron chain necklace. This method allows me to make the pendant first, then work the attachment and one half of the necklace with the working thread, and complete the other end of the necklace with the tail thread. I have made these in a range of colours, but the jet AB was the original colour and still my favourite, although I also wear a purple iris version, an amethyst version and a teal version frequently.

starburst jetAB chevron chainI am just writing the instructions for this design and plan to teach it to a small group next month.