Monthly Archives: September 2015

Another great idea from Kate McKinnon and the Contemporary Geometric Beadwork team. The warped square includes “exploding rounds” – the small crystal beads are at points where the thread can be snipped allowing different layers to be removed. The square will not lie flat so is very difficult to photograph!

exploding square1P1050358After exploding I was left with four pieces, the largest one (bottom right) has been converted into a four petal flower – I might add a rivoli centre later. The next largest (top left) is the right size to make into a bangle, and another bangle the same size can be made by adding a new exploding round to the next largest (top right). The final piece is a small warped square, the centre of the original square.

Find more details from Kate McKinnon about exploding rounds and exploding squares and triangles at exploded sets.