Monthly Archives: July 2014

Another possible bridal piece I suppose, but that wasn’t the original intention as I was just playing with these lovely pastel superduos when I came up with the idea!



This is an adaptation of two of my previous designs. The flower is a new version of the black and white star (see here), with an extra layer of points/petals, and the netted bracelet is the same as the one on my banner.


chenillestitchbanglesI have made chenille stitch bracelets and necklaces before, but not been happy about the ladder stitch start which is usually used to start the stitch. I wanted to make some bangles, but knew that the ladder stitch start wouldn’t allow an invisible join, so worked out a different way of starting, which allowed me to join the two ends with a chenille stitch thread path. I think there might be some more to join the collection soon!