Monthly Archives: October 2013

Another variation on the continuously joined Russian leaves, like the ones I used for stars,butterflies and flowers ( see here, here and here).



I haven’t posted for a while, but I have been busy!

A new shell pendant, in teal/purple.

tealpurpleshellpendantAnd some new wreath pendants, I think the red ones would make good Christmas decorations!



The smaller ones in the last picture have crystal rondelles in the outer ring rather than pearls or faceted fire polish beads.


I rarely wear bright red, but I have had some siam rivolis for a while and tried all sorts of colour combinations of beads with them. I finally think I have found a combination that works.It’s not very clear from the photos (light isn’t very good here this morning!) but the contrast beads are metallic gold iris which seem to add just the right touch. I initially tried bronze as the contrast with the same red delicas, but didn’t like it.


The rivoli has been bezelled with peyote, then embellished with netting, the straps are single needle netting and it has a double toggle clasp.


This design is a development from an earlier design that I first made in plain black, and have made since in several other colours. The earring design is one I have been making for a couple of years, but never before in red.

Brochure Image