Bellyband bezel with horns!

I’m still experimenting with ideas from the wonderful Contemporary Geometric Beadwork book by Kate McKinnon et al. This pendant is made by using the amazing MRAW bellyband (you can see Kate’s brilliant video of how this is done at this youtube channel), then working inwards from the bellyband to secure the rivoli and outwards from it to create the geometric surround. In the first photo you can just see the vertical white delicas of the MRAW band between the two geometric layers worked off it.

blackwhitehornedbezel2 blackwhitehornedbezel

In the second photo you can see the horns created in the top geometric layer. The bail is a distorted square (Jean Power). This pendant is in the same family as the ones shown in the previous posts Another piece inspired by “Contemporary Geometric Beadwork”, Another geometric focal, and Geometric Beadwork. I have lots of ideas for further variations on this theme.

I’ve also been working on some flowers using Kate’s “zigged bellyband” – there’s a video of that too on the youtube channel. I just need to finish off the threads and take photos of those and I’ll put them on here to show you.


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