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Two more beaded shells. I haven’t decided yet whether to make beaded ropes for these, or just put each of them onto a thong/tube as the previous entry shows.



As I have said in previous posts, I pre-ordered “Contemporary Geometric Beadwork” by Kate McKinnon last year, so had access to some parts of the book electronically before the physical book was published, but the real thing finally arrived just before Easter. The long wait for the actual book was well worth it – the lovely spiral binding so it lies flat, the amazing photographs, and page upon page of inspiration. A large team of bead artists contributed designs and variations on the designs, and the innovative techniques are described in detail. For most of the examples illustrated in the book the colour numbers have been provided for the beads used.  I can see that I will keep returning to the book over and over again for years to come. The MRAW bellyband devised by Dustin Wedekind and Kate McKinnon is such a clever idea – and I thought why not use it to make a bezel for a rivoli? So here is the result!

blacktealgeometricEach layer of the rivoli surround is worked off an edge of the MRAW bellyband, which is itself hidden between the layers. I was able to work both inward from the band to secure the rivoli and outward from the band to add the surrounding squares.

The bail is a peyote “distorted square” as shown in Jean Power’s “Geometric Beadwork”, and I have hung it on a doubled length of tubing, with a beaded toggle as shown below.


tealstarchain2This choker is essentially a chain of little stars. After I making one of the stars I spent quite a while working out a thread path to make a continuous chain of them. The joining of the stars along the top causes the curvature. The focal is just more little stars, and the clasp is a single little star that fits into a beaded loop.

tealstarchainYou can see the little stars more clearly in this photo. I think the teal and grey work quite well together, but I might try remaking it in a different colour combination as well.