Monthly Archives: March 2013

I’m still waiting for my pre-ordered copy of the fantastic new book “Contemporary Geometric Beadwork” by Kate McKinnon and several other well known bead artists to come through the letterbox. However, having pre-ordered the book, I was allowed some excerpts on-line, and played with some of the ideas well before the printed book was published.

tinyhorn bangleThis is my version of the Tinyhorn Bangle. In the instructions it said that the eight horn version they made was very small, so I did a nine horn version. However, it came out too big, so I had to do some decrease rounds on the top and bottom. The grey, white and red colour scheme was inspired by a knitted dress worn by a friend.

I am working out colour schemes in delicas to try the amazing Fortuneteller bangle designed by Christina Vandervlist  from the same book Рprobably a mix of grey, teal and blue.


I developed this simple brick stitch and fringe starburst design several years ago, but have recently worked out a better method of attaching it to the chevron chain necklace. This method allows me to make the pendant first, then work the attachment and one half of the necklace with the working thread, and complete the other end of the necklace with the tail thread. I have made these in a range of colours, but the jet AB was the original colour and still my favourite, although I also wear a purple iris version, an amethyst version and a teal version frequently.

starburst jetAB chevron chainI am just writing the instructions for this design and plan to teach it to a small group next month.