Beaded shell pendant

When I first learned how to make a peyote bezel to hold something without a hole to thread through, I made a lot of shell pendants by bezelling shells from my collection. This example is on a Russian spiral rope.

teal shell pendantI recently made a new shell pendant in a similar colour, but embellished it with freshwater pearls and hung it on a twisted herringbone rope. The fastening is a double beaded toggle and loop.

tealpearlshell tealpearlshell2The shells are held purely by the tension of the beads and thread, there are no holes in the shell, and no glue used!

  1. This looks gorgeous. I was wondering how to bezel around a shell.


  2. Thanks. I make a ring of peyote in size 11s that just fits around the widest part of the shell, then go round top and bottom with peyote in delicas, and finish with size 15s. The difficult bit is holding the beadwork in place on the shell as you go so the tension in the thread shapes the bezel to the shell.

  3. e1aine said:

    That’s clever, I love the effect.

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