Monthly Archives: January 2013

When I first learned how to make a peyote bezel to hold something without a hole to thread through, I made a lot of shell pendants by bezelling shells from my collection. This example is on a Russian spiral rope.

teal shell pendantI recently made a new shell pendant in a similar colour, but embellished it with freshwater pearls and hung it on a twisted herringbone rope. The fastening is a double beaded toggle and loop.

tealpearlshell tealpearlshell2The shells are held purely by the tension of the beads and thread, there are no holes in the shell, and no glue used!


I made six of these beaded pens – one each for all the close family – but didn’t get a chance to take pictures of some, as they were only finished just before Christmas and needed to be wrapped up straight away. The ones I didn’t get pictures of were all the diamond pattern like the black and white one, but all in different colours (so they would know whose was which!). These are just 2 panels of flat odd-count peyote, zipped up around the pen. The zig-zag stripes one was worked in peyote as well, but in tubular peyote around the pen.


Just a reminder that all the photos and designs shown in this blog (unless otherwise stated) are copyright. Please do not copy them without asking permission, and linking to the original post. I do have instructions and kits available for some of the designs – please contact me for further information.

Some work in progress – I was experimenting with diagonal peyote using cubes, and realised I could tweak it to produce a new way (new to me anyway) of bezelling a rivoli. These are not finished, but I have attached the jet one to a peyote ribbon necklace just to see the possibilities of it as a focal or pendant. I think some more experimenting is needed before I would use these in a finished piece. Perhaps they would make good earrings?