Monthly Archives: December 2012

I’m making beaded Christmas presents at the moment – this could be a pendant or a decoration to hang on the tree – a beaded holly wreath, in circular netting.

Xmas wreathIt would look nice on a slender gold chain I think, but I don’t have one, so if I have time I will make a herringbone rope for it – perhaps in a mix of gold, red and green delicas? I think I might make some of these in other colours for other times of year as well.


triangles pentagon

Jean Power is well known for her designs with triangles and pentagons – here are some examples I made when trying out ideas from her latest book.


The numerous variations of the Rick Rack are amazing – see these Starflowers as well as the tulip in the last post. Jean gives instructions for the 5 petalled flower in the book, but I guessed that it would work just as well with other numbers, and made a six petalled one to show it. I’m sure you could add more petals as well, just haven’t had the time to try it! I would like to make a whole garden full of these.