Geometric Beadwork book has arrived

My pre-ordered copy of Jean Power’s new book (see arrived yesterday – it is a mine of information, and has some beautiful patterns. I’m sure it will provide inspiration for lots of new designs when I get time to try out some of the ideas in it!

I’m trying to be disciplined and finish off some UFOs first, as well as writing up the patterns for a couple of my designs. I have taught two of my designs to small classes of local beaders, and one to a bigger group that meet monthly, so I am gradually building up a library of patterns. It is very time consuming, particularly drawing diagrams to show the thread path through the beads, and I find I have to remake each piece as I write up the instructions and draw the diagrams. At present I am writing up a design for a choker – one of my earliest designs which uses a sort of cross between chevron chain and netting – for a small class group, as well as the black and white rivoli star for a friend.

Once those are done I hope to have some new work to show.

Edited to add: Sorry the picture wasn’t there – It should be now!


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