More stars

I changed the pattern slightly for this new interwoven 8 point star, adding drops on the points. I think this one would work well as a brooch, but I’m not sure of the best way to attach a brooch back.

A different pattern now – it might not look like it but the black and white 8 point star is a cross between the interwoven 8 point stars and a smaller 6 point star I worked out how to do a few years ago. I have tried several ways of working the centre of this smaller 6 point star, but like the one shown above, the outer ring of points is worked separately, then the centre is attached in the middle. These stars use diagonal peyote, a bit like a Russian leaf pattern, for the points. This particular one is hung from a Russian spiral necklace – not a very good photo I’m afraid!

Edited to add: while these stars were inspired by Jean Power’s rivoli star, they are worked with different techniques.

Sorry the photos are no longer showing here, they show in a preview of the post – don’t know what’s going on here!

  1. these are gorgeous , i got so excited after our exchange that i have started experimenting with bead weaving , nothing as amazing and intricate as your work but it’s a start.:D

  2. Glad you like them. Which stitches are you trying? I look forward to seeing the results!

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