Geometric Beadwork

I have always enjoyed working with peyote stitch to make geometric shapes, so I was excited when I heard that Kate McKinnon and Jean Power were collaborating on a book of geometric beadwork (see This is now going to be two books – one by Kate plus several collaborators, and another by Jean (see Inspired by the views I have seen of their work, I came up with the idea of surrounding a bezelled rivoli with a three dimensional geometric shape – in this case, a square.This colour combination is way out of my normal comfort zone, but seemed to be the right choice for this type of design, as well as seasonal for this time of year! The necklace is a simple diagonal peyote ribbon, but the clasp echoes the focal with a square “ring” for the toggle to go through.

I have played with some geometric shapes around bezelled rivolis before – last year I made some interwoven stars – two interwoven peyote triangles with a rivoli in the centre. The photo was taken before I finished off the threads – I need to take a better one!

The difference is the way of working – with this one I made the triangles separately, then attached the bezelled rivoli in the centre, but with the black and orange square I worked the square directly off the bezel. I am now trying to make an 8 pointed interwoven star by making two interwoven squares off a bezelled rivoli – pictures in the next post.


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