Monthly Archives: October 2012

Reading through the last post again reminded me that my banner on the top of the home page is another incarnation of that original star pattern. The flowers on the netted cuff are more versions of the 6 point star, but with drops in the centre. Each layer was worked separately, then they were joined in the centre and the whole thing was stitched to the cuff. I love the matte crystal ABĀ  and opal AB beads I used here.


I changed the pattern slightly for this new interwoven 8 point star, adding drops on the points. I think this one would work well as a brooch, but I’m not sure of the best way to attach a brooch back.

A different pattern now – it might not look like it but the black and white 8 point star is a cross between the interwoven 8 point stars and a smaller 6 point star I worked out how to do a few years ago. I have tried several ways of working the centre of this smaller 6 point star, but like the one shown above, the outer ring of points is worked separately, then the centre is attached in the middle. These stars use diagonal peyote, a bit like a Russian leaf pattern, for the points. This particular one is hung from a Russian spiral necklace – not a very good photo I’m afraid!

Edited to add: while these stars were inspired by Jean Power’s rivoli star, they are worked with different techniques.

Sorry the photos are no longer showing here, they show in a preview of the post – don’t know what’s going on here!

As promised! The 8 point star has two interwoven peyote squares worked directly off the peyote bezel, while the 6 point star has two interwoven peyote triangles worked first, then the bezelled rivoli attached in the centre.

I added loops to allow these to be worn as pendants or hung as decorations, but I’m wondering now if they would be better made into brooches. Might try one and see!

I have always enjoyed working with peyote stitch to make geometric shapes, so I was excited when I heard that Kate McKinnon and Jean Power were collaborating on a book of geometric beadwork (see This is now going to be two books – one by Kate plus several collaborators, and another by Jean (see Inspired by the views I have seen of their work, I came up with the idea of surrounding a bezelled rivoli with a three dimensional geometric shape – in this case, a square.This colour combination is way out of my normal comfort zone, but seemed to be the right choice for this type of design, as well as seasonal for this time of year! The necklace is a simple diagonal peyote ribbon, but the clasp echoes the focal with a square “ring” for the toggle to go through.

I have played with some geometric shapes around bezelled rivolis before – last year I made some interwoven stars – two interwoven peyote triangles with a rivoli in the centre. The photo was taken before I finished off the threads – I need to take a better one!

The difference is the way of working – with this one I made the triangles separately, then attached the bezelled rivoli in the centre, but with the black and orange square I worked the square directly off the bezel. I am now trying to make an 8 pointed interwoven star by making two interwoven squares off a bezelled rivoli – pictures in the next post.