Monthly Archives: August 2012

I bought some violet rivolis a while ago and was a bit disappointed with the colour – they seemed more pink to me. I have gradually been collecting together sets of beads that might go with them, and finally got round to trying to bezel them. As you can see here, the colour is definitely affected by the colours of the beads surrounding the rivoli because of the reflections.

I then started to embellish the right hand one.

And then I added a bit more embellishment.

This will be the focal point of a necklace, but it is taking some time to decide how to work and attach the necklace.


I have decided that a blog would be a good way for me to record my explorations of beading techniques and designs, even if no-one else ever looks at it!For the past few months I have been exploring the use of netting to bezel rivolis and cabochons – one example is shown here. The straps of this necklace are also netted.